Roland Holger Berzins

Roland Holger Berzins
Company Secretary
  • B. Comm. ACPA FFIN TA

Mr Berzins graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in accounting and finance. He has over 23 year experience in the mining industry and was previously Chief Accountant for 6 years at the Kalgoorlie Co nsolidated Gold Mines Pty Ltd (“Kalgoorlie Super Pit”).

Since 1996 Mr Berzins has experience in retail, merchant banking, venture capital and SME business advisory and has been company secretary in Public listed companies since 1996. Directorships held in other listed companies over the last 3 years include AXG Mining Limited, Odin Energy Limited, Activistic Limited, Palace Resources Ltd, Onslow Resources Ltd.