Corporate Overview

Since 2013 through to today, MGR founders and promoters spent significant time, effort, and strategic assessment capital on the key Quartz Creek deposits and various gold bearing formations – quartz, oxide, laterite and meta-sedimentary.

Site visits, liaison with owner/geologist and key metallurgical work on the various gold bearing materials on the 3 tenements continued to provide MGR promoters with significant priority on a way to enable refreshed gold mineralization reporting and to initiate small scale mining.
In particular, founding MGR promoters focused on Western tenement ML59/291 with its high grade meta-sedimentary ore body, first mined early last century by early “old timer” miners.

These pioneering “pick and shovel” miners had recovered small quantities of good gold from adjacent quartz reefs and the contact oxides on those reefs on the adjacent two Eastern tenements ML 346 and ML 347 in the Quartz Creek asset holding.
However, those mining the meta-sedimentary ores had fared even better.

Whilst the UCABs owner, now farming out these three tenements into MGR, was a geologist of note several decades ago with some significant WA discoveries to his name, he was unable to properly develop the asset in a modern framework, having last run a wide space drill program on the asset at end of 1990’s, start of 2000’s.

A rudimentary Maynard and Associates report suggests a starting resource of sub 10,000 oz. of gold from simplistic interpretation of the earlier drill campaigns.
But with more geological work, and re-logging of existing drill data and other surpac workup as an Revised Geological Report (RGR), an initial modest resource of 20,000 – 30,000 oz. gold will be targeted.

In order to document the real value of this tenement holding, it is proposed that UCABS historic drill data together with other work from current resource geologists and qualified persons will be put together to generate a current RGR to establish a more cohesive and significant resource, including a Surpac model, and competent persons’ reports.

This work will also underpin, the preparations for resource grade drilling and for initial small-scale mining, under the DMIRS POW-P regime on processing 30,000 tons of meta-sediment by “bulk sampling”, and should lead to full mining permit targeting 100,000 to 150,000 tons per annum light mining operation with on-site wet gravity gold processing plant.